Other attractions

Happy Land Entertainment Park

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 16 km

Situated on the Republican road Bourgas -> Varna, a few kilometers after the fork to Shkorpilovtsi resort, the park offers theme and theme spots where children can play the roles of popular fairytales and film heroes, as well as demonstrate a variety of artistic abilities.

Some of the themed spots and attractions are: Dino Zone, Waterfront Lake, Pirate Island TORTUGA, Western Town, Mexican, Map of Bulgaria, Gulliver, Funny Houses, Jungle, Picnic Area, Minigolf, ATV Track, bumb carts, Animation Games.


Goritsa Zoo

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 24 km

The Goritsa private zoo is located on the Republican road Varna -> Bourgas, several kilometers after the fork to Shkorpilovtsi resort and spreads over an area of ​​over 4000 sq. M. It presents a number of animals of the Birds and Mammals, among which are Peacock, Mongolian Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Royal Pheasant, Japanese Quail, Thistle Duck, Straw, Kangaroo, Lama, Cameroon Goat, Mouflon, Wild Boar, Vietnamese Pig, Deer, Red deer, Horse, Pony, Chakal and others.

Goritsa Zoo is built with many alleys and wooden bridges for walks, as well as special observatories for exploring predatory animals. All animals are grown freely in a medium closest to their natural environment.


Dolphinarium Varna

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 40 km

Varna Dolphinarium is the only attraction facility in Bulgaria of its kind. It is set amidst greenery in the northern part of Varna’s Sea Garden, with wonderful sea views.
Found on 11.08.1984, it is one of the symbols not only of Varna, but also of Bulgarian tourism. In a spectacle lasting 30 minutes, visitors can convince themselves of the incredible intelligence and receptivity of marine mammals. Dolphin swimming is available as the only condition is that you are over 12 years old.


Sea Garden Varna

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 40 km

The Sea Garden is one of the symbols of Varna. Situated are beautiful and cool alleys along the entire promenade in the city. The uniqueness of the Varna Sea Garden comes from its natural extension to the beach and the sea and the smooth passage of the park with the sea landscape. Characteristic of the Sea Garden are the beautiful landscaped gardens, the quiet alleys, the beautiful, varied natural vegetation. Here are some of the most interesting sights of Varna – the Renaissance avenue, the summer theater, the small-scale model of the Black Sea, the dolphinarium, the zoo. The idea of ​​creating this park dates back to the 19th century.