Nature landmarks

Kamchia – National park

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 6 km from the beach

The national park covers the lower valley of Kamchia River. Here lays the largest century-old riverside forest in Bulgaria called Longoz, declared a national park in 1951, and since 1977 has been included in UNESCO’s world wide network of biosphere reserves to preserve the most representative ecosystems of the planet. There are 245 species of higher plants, 26 species of small mammals, 39 species of fish in the Kamchia National park. There are 258 bird species in the region, which represents about 66% of species diversity in Bulgaria. This is part of the migratory route of migratory birds – Via Pontica.

A real adventure is a boat ride, between the thick lianas, which in places shape green tunnels above the river. The walk starts from the river’s wharf along its flow and continues along its length.


The black nose

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 3.5 km along the beach

It is located at the southernmost point of Shkorpilovtsi Beach, about 3.5 km from the firth of the Fandakliiska River. It is 80 meters above sea level and is the northernmost point of the Balkan Mountain in contact with the Black Sea. In front of the nose there is a chain of underwater stones and rocks forming a reef about 400 meters long, oriented west-east. Several large ships have sunk in this place. There are a lot of debris on the bottom. The minimum depths vary from 1m  to 6,6 m. In the past, the nose has gone much further into the sea than today, which has created a precondition for the formation of a harbor. Such a port was discovered by the archaeologists south of the nose.


The Fossil Stones

Distance from camping Shkorpilovtsi – 60 km

The natural landmark is an ensemble of stone columns, up to 10 m high, hollow or solid cylinders, intersected cones, rock formations different in shape and size, and numerous stone pieces scattered around the complex. For millennia, nature has been sculpting stone pieces to make them impressive sculptures resembling humans, animals, monsters, mythical beings. The Stone Guards, Camel, Throne, Stone Forest are the names of only a few of these natural sculptures.

The most famous and attractive for the tourists is the ensemble “Dikilitashka group”. It is located about 18 km west of Varna and is easily accessible by road E70.