Internal Rules of the campsite

  1. Caravans can be checked-in and located on the assigned lot within the campsite from 8:00 to 20:00. In case of arrival outside the specified hours of accommodation, the caravan is parked on campsite ground and the placement and connection to the power and water supply is carried out the next day. Exceptions are allowed only with the explicit consent of the campsite manager.
  2. The accommodation of campsite guests with caravans, campers and tents shall be carried out in the presence of an employee of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi”. Exceptions are allowed only with the consent of the campsite manager.
  3. Camping lots are assigned according to a scheme for caravans, tents and campers, published on the official website of Camping Shkorpilovtsi. People under the age of 18 can only be accommodated when accompanied by an adult /parent/.
  4. Modifications of the camping lots can only be done by employees of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi”.
  5. “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” cannot be held responsible for forgotten or unattended objects in the campsite.
  6. “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” will not be liable for any material and non-material damages of its guests due to breakdowns related to interruption of the power or water supply, caused by third parties, as well as damage caused by extreme events related to climate, fires, disasters or terrorist attacks.
  7. The management of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” has the right to carry out inspections at any time through its employees, including through the assistance of the police authorities for the legal stay of the guests in the campsite.
  8. When conducting an inspection, the campsite guest is obliged to provide his/her legitimization for the stay to the examining representative of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi”.
  9. For guests will be considered only people registered in compliance with the campsite reception according to the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria for registration of people in place of accommodation for short-term rest. All other people will be considered offenders of the internal rules. Responsibility for a detected violation will be the person registered in the lot where the violation was found.
  10. Guests pay all services for their stay in the campsite according to the price list of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” at the time of check-in.
  11. Guests are allowed one parking spot – one car per campsite lot. During the period of stay only with the knowledge of the manager this vehicle, for which a pass is received, may be replaced by another, but the number of allowed vehicles remains always the same.
  12. It is absolutely forbidden to park vehicles on the green areas and in places other than those specified for parking.
  13. Situating a caravan, camper or tent with additional sunshades and other facilities must not be at a distance less than 5 meters from the lot boundary.
  14. Enclosures of the rented area lot are allowed with: pins, rope, hedges, flowers or a light decorative fence with a height of up to 70 centimeters
  15. For safety measures, operating the power distribution boxes is only done by the campsite staff.
  16. Temporary routes for the supply of electricity and water including (cables, hoses, etc.) passing through the territory of other plots is absolutely forbidden. The transition should only be on the boundaries between parcels in order to protect guest’s lives and health, as well as avoiding inconvenience to other guests. If a violation is found, offenders will be cut-off from the supply.
  17. Guests are not allowed to connect to the water supply or sewerage systems. Emptying chemical toilets is only done in the dedicated biological zones.
  18. All guests with caravans, campers, and tents are required to use certified, grounded and reliable electrical appliances and connecting cables.
  19. The use of shampoos, shower gels, soaps, etc. outside common sanitary facilities and wash basins is forbidden in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  20. Checking-out must be done until 12:00 o’clock.
  21. Prior to leaving, each guest is required to clean the parcel that was occupied.
  22. In cases where guests wish to extend their stay, they are obliged to notify the manager or on-board campsite management personnel at least three days prior the check-out date.
  23. In cases of late check-out and inability to contact the registered person in the campsite, the management has the right to cut-off the power and water supply.
  24. If the parcel is not released after the check-out time, the management has the right to forcibly remove the caravan/camper/tent from the camp site. In these case, “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” is not responsible for any damages caused by it.
  25. Washing of cars, caravans, tents, filling of inflatable swimming pools /excl. baby pools/, as well as cooling of food and drinks with drinking water is prohibited in the campsite area.
  26. Opening fire on the campsite territory is forbidden. Barbecues, charcoal grills and regular gas appliances are permitted in accordance with safety regulations.
  27. The use pyrotechnic devices and Chinese lanterns with open fire on the campsite territory of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” is strictly forbidden.
  28. The use of sound systems is prohibited.
  29. Making loud noise in the campsite is prohibited in the time intervals from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 22:00 to 08:00.
  30. Domestic pets are allowed on the campsite territory after presenting a certificate of vaccination and state of health. Free cultivation on the territory of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” is forbidden, dogs must be walked on a leash and for the larger breeds the use of a muzzle is obligatory. Owners are responsible for collecting the waste that their pets leave behind. Failure to comply with these conditions can lead to termination of the stay.
  31. Washing dogs and other animals in common sanitary facilities and washbasins is prohibited.
  32. The use of ATVs and cross-country motors is forbidden on campsite territory.
  33. Driving in the area of ​​the campsite should be done at a speed no higher than 10 km/h. Failure to comply with the speed limit grands the campsite management the right to deprive the vehicle of the parking area of ​​the campsite.
  34. Distributing advertising and promotional materials, as well as any other of similar nature is prohibited on the territory of the campsite.
  35. Damaging, relocating and destroying information signs, road signs, lights, containers, garbage bins, etc is forbidden.
  36. The collection and eradication of medicinal, ornamental or protected plant species growing on the campsite territory is prohibited.
  37. Cutting and grubbing up of trees, bushes and other vegetation is forbidden.
  38. It is forbidden to place eco-toilets in the lots and near the caravans, campers and tents. If the guests wish to rent an eco-toilet, the management of “Camping Shkorpilovtsi” determines the location.